Massaro - Kailei - Ducor, CA

Berner-Garde 73828

We have had 3 Berners, we lost our first one in ‘06 and then in Oct. ‘08 we lost another and our last in Feb. ‘09. After we lost our third, I told my husband no more Berners I can’t take the heartache again. We still had a Rottweiler and an Australian Shepherd so we were not without dogs.

In May ‘09 I was looking at and decided to look at Berners. There was this adorable Berner face and she was in a rescue in Southern California just a few hours from us. She was 2 years old with disabilities. She was born with hydrocephaly that left her with brain damage. It caused problems with her mobility and seizures.

My plan of no more Berners disappeared when reading her story. I put in an application to adopt her. They accepted our application, then called and said they would like us to come meet Kailei and bring our dogs. It went perfect but they were not ready to let her come home with us. We got another call that the owner wanted to come to check our home and he would bring Kailei to see if it would work for her.

That wonderful June day Kailei became ours!!! She is the sweetest Berner and has no idea that she is any different from any other dog, her front and back legs don’t work well together and she does fall, but gets right back up again. We put throw rugs everywhere and she knows to follow them. She still has seizures and they are in the form of barking and growling usually starting when she is sleeping.

She runs and plays well with our other dogs, she barks the loudest and longest for meals and occasionally tries to climb onto a human lap. We have plenty of dog beds, but she usually wants the one that another dog is occupying. She will stare at them, if they get up she crawls in, if not, she crawls on top of them. She loves crates and those are hers alone as our other dogs don’t care to sleep in them. Kailei loves to be outside and we have to persuade her to come in at night in the cooler months. She has a very unique and enjoyable personality!

We are so happy that this precious Berner became a part of our family.

Cherie & Sal Massaro