Sophia - Liz Caldwell - Lawrence, KS

BARC Beauty Sophia
Nee Radisson Carmen, on paper 12/26/2000
(physical estimate in April 2001 suggested DOB 2/7/2001)

Sophia has grown from a willful, obnoxious and unpredictable girl into a lovely, sweet, goofy adult.

She was rescued in the second auction that BARC attended, and was sick, undersized and, though we didn’t know till later, allergic to most grains. She has hip and elbow dysplasia, but thanks to diet, supplements and exercise, she can run whenever and wherever the spirit moves her.

She reigns over the household and is the only of my dogs who sleeps on my bed. Others may visit there, but they know that is her spot.

Now seven years old, she still plays like a puppy and has only an occasional bad day with her hips and elbows. She has my heart, and she knows it. She has changed my world, my life, and my soul. Who knew one could learn so much from one brave, stubborn, goofy, beautiful dog?

Berner-Garde ID 39201
AKC DNA profile # V474342

Liz Caldwell
Lawrence, Kansas