Paige - Peyton - Bahama, NC

Peyton Paige
BG #94403

Peyton was purchased from a pet store in New Jersey in 2006 by a young couple. He had chronic diarrhea and was treated for over a year. After a few years, he developed anxieties while the couple was at work all day and they thought he would do better with his retired parents on their farm in Tennessee. Peyton was named for the football player Peyton Manning from Tennessee.

Peyton went to live on the farm and was enjoying life with a Border Collie buddy to play with. Then he developed severe skin allergies and the family didn’t realize at first it was a result of fleas. They treated him with steroids and antibiotics. The father had now developed heart issues, so they were no longer able to care for Peyton, and they called Blue Ridge rescue.

A club member went to pick up Peyton and discovered that she went to high school, years ago, with their son, back in NJ! What a small world. I met her and expected a dog with bald spots and fleas, but his hair had already grown back and he was free of fleas. I took Peyton to the vet for a more thorough check-up and discovered he was heartworm positive and had a bad knee, which would limit his ability to handle stairs. A family was initially interested in him, but they decided he was too old at 6 years old with these issues. So Peyton came home with me. Despite being an outside dog, he was housebroken, well mannered and just a sweet guy looking for some attention. He has a cute way of moaning and talking to us. My husband commented that he was the easiest rescue we’ve had in a long time.

We have a waiting list of very good homes that want to help a Berner in need, but many are reluctant to adopt a middle age Berner because of longevity issues. Others are not able to deal with orthopedic issues. I continued to make contacts, but in the meantime Peyton quickly bonded with Don. I commented that it was odd I couldn’t find a home for such a good boy, he said, “Well, maybe it’s because he is home”. We had dealt with the passing of 5 of our dogs in 10 months, and we decided that Peyton came to bring us a smile everyday.

Game over and we are all winners!

Don & Carolyn Paige
Rescue Coordinators
Blue Ridge BMD Club