Ramlet - Maybelle - Denver, CO

Ramlet - Maybelle - Denver, CO

She turned seven just last week. Curly-coated, gentle and empathetic, Maybelle (“Mabel”) follows me from room to room, naps on the bed with me, loves to go on errands, prefers to be with us wherever we are. She listens when my daughter reads to her, licks my son’s hand while he does his math homework. She barks when my husband kisses me, and her only fault is her obsession with food of every kind.

We live in the city, and when she’s not keeping watch and chasing squirrels in the yard, or napping indoors, Maybelle resigns herself to life on the leash. When we visit the mountains, though, she becomes Adventure Dog, trotting intently ahead of us on endless wooded trails. Back at home, she lives for meals, outings, and her morning and evening scratch from my husband. Maybelle and the kids learned a lot at obedience school, and in two years of 4-H. She would be the perfect therapy dog, but somehow we never have focused long enough to work with her to get the credentials. Maybelle did learn to pull a cart, and has pulled the kids on their bikes and roller blades. She is intuitive — can get along with any dog, even the aggressive kind. She’s neither cowering, nor aggressive. She asserts herself only when she needs to, but otherwise holds her position in life with humility and composure. And she’s protective of each of us in the family.

It’s hard to remember the first few weeks, when Maybelle was too terrified to go outdoors alone (she had been locked outside a lot by the family who eventually put her up for rescue, being too busy to give her the attention and training she needed). She must have been jailed in the bathroom as well. Quickly she learned to trust us, and we yielded the couches and beds to her as she melted our hearts. She suffered from separation anxiety, so we rescued a second Berner to keep her company (Rubye, found elsewhere in the gallery this year).

Maybelle joined our family on October 13, 2007. She found her way to us with the help of Phil Shaffer and Patti Davieau of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies — and several of the club’s members who educated and encouraged us concerning the breed. Maybelle is a good dog. The dog of a lifetime.

Born Feb. 28, 2006
BG # 67209