Ramlet - Rubye - Denver, CO

Ramlet - Rubye - Denver, Colorado

You aren’t supposed to compare one child with another, or one dog with another, and we try not to. But Rubye (“Ruby”), our second Berner rescue, is a startling opposite to our first one, Maybelle (found elsewhere in the Rescue Gallery). The fact is, we rescued Rubye so that Maybelle would have a companion, especially for those times when we were away from the house for more than an hour.

We expected Rubye to be laid back like Maybelle. She’s not. She was four months old when we received her from Dottie Schulte (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies). At first, we attributed her high energy to her age. Ultimately, we realized that Rubye really was Turbo Pup. Three daily outings, at least one of them off-leash, were needed to keep Rubye happy for the first two or more years. If she didn’t get enough exercise, she became destructive and naughty. So, I dubbed her my Personal Trainer and have been walking a lot more ever since she came to stay with us on July 13, 2009.

Rubye is funny, speedy, silly, spinning, playing almost all the time. When she is calm, she lies in the shape of a pretzel, a canine contortionist. She is vocal and has a thousand sounds to let us know how happy or excited she might be. Food does not motivate her, but she is tempted by a gentle tickling hand, which, scratching in just the right place, makes her thump her back leg rhythmically on the floor. When my husband sits on the couch to scratch her, she turns upside down, hindquarters in the air and head pressed against the seat of the couch, and groans with pleasure. She runs crazily in the back yard with my teenage son, and on walks with my daughter (who can nearly keep up with her at a full run).

And Rubye is that good companion for Maybelle, who sometimes plays with her and more often gently ignores her effervescence. They curl up like bookends on their couch (yes, we have yielded one couch entirely to them) to sleep.

Rubye originally came from a puppy mill and was purchased from a “bad” pet store. The owner placed her with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies because she did not get along with her other dogs. The BMDCR interviewed two families and, thankfully, placed her with us. Another happily ever after.

Born March 6, 2009
BG # 94944