Smith - Millie - Albuquerque, NM

In Loving Memory of Millie
September 21, 2001 to May 7, 2012

(Berner-Garde #7045)

Millie joined the Smith family on January 9, 2010. On that day, we welcomed a very gentle Berner girl with broken spirit and a soul lost thanks to a life of neglect. As I watched her that first evening lying on the living room floor with my five year old grandson sitting next to her, her eyes spoke volumes with chapters named “Sadness”, “Loneliness”, “Failure to Bond” and “Lack of Trust”. Her gentle demeanor reflected a warm and loving nature hidden deep beneath the sadness and loneliness she experienced with her first family. Had she been able to verbalize her deep sadness, she might have said something like, “I hope you don’t expect much from me for I don’t expect anything from you.”

As time passed, I worked hard to find an opening into the well crafted shell she created for protection. The breakthrough came after about a month to six weeks when I actually showed her want I wanted her to do to get the attention she craved. This was an epiphany for her. Not only did her shell crack, it fell away altogether and she embraced training with a desire she had not felt since she was a puppy. The gusto with which she took to training made me wonder why I didn’t have her when she was a puppy as she would have been an awe-inspiring and spectacular obedience dog.

One year later she passed a Therapy Dog Test with a perfect score and quickly became a favorite at the Assisted Living Facility we visit weekly. To this day, the folks will speak of her loving attitude and wonderful presence.

Millie may have been with us for a mere two and a half years, but she was without a doubt, my favorite dog ever. Thanks to Arizona Berner Rescue, her last years were awesome and Libby and I had the honor of sharing them with her.

Walt and Libby Smith
Albuquerque, NM