Thompson - Minnie - Blair, NE

Minnie – Karen and Steve Thompson – Blair, Nebraska

Houston’s Ms. Reba
AKC #WS16658303
Berner-Garde #68554
Born 01/19/2006, Adopted 11/20/2010

Houston’s Ms. Reba was one of four dogs purchased at a Missouri dog auction in October 2010. While Minnie was in foster care in Texas, it was found that she had a Grade V/VI heart murmur, pulmonary stenosis and an enlarged heart (even though she was certified as healthy by the vet at the auction house).

Due to her serious health issues it was decided that she couldn’t be adopted out and she was sent to live with us as a permanent foster. Her BARC name is Minnie as she was so thin that I referred to her as Skinny Minnie and the name stuck.

We were advised to keep her quiet, with only leash walks for exercise. However, we felt quality of life was more important for her at this stage, so we’ve let her live her life just like our other dogs.

Minnie’s existence changed dramatically when we added a puppy boy, Zed, to our household in February 2011. Zed and Minnie are fast friends and serious play buddies.

Minnie has been a great addition to our family. We hope that she enjoys spending her remaining time with us as much as we enjoy having her.

Watch for Minnie in the Veteran’s Parade.