Webb - Rosie - Bulls Gap, TN

Webb - Rosie - Bulls Gap, TN

BG# 27925

Kathleen Webb
Bulls Gap, TN

Rosie came to me after I lost my first BARC Rescue Belle. I was so sad after Belle went to the bridge. I was looking at the BARC website when I saw a female who was rescued with her sister. Her name was Lizzy. It was love at first sight. I made arrangements to foster Lizzy and drove to Indianapolis to meet Julie Greco and Lizzy. On my drive home I knew that Lizzy was not going anywhere and I adopted her. She was the typical puppy mill dog - scared and standoffish. That was March 22, 2008.

It was like the dog fairy tapped Lizzy, now Rosie, on the head; and she became a different dog. She is totally changed. Her tail never stopped!! She was excited meeting new people. I once asked her what she wanted because she was nosing my arm and I am sure she said “I don’t know”. Rosie was a very happy and changed girl from the one I saw that day in March.

She was always walking around with a toy in her mouth. The toys always wound up in my bed. At night, I had to remove 10 – 15 toys before I could get into bed. She is like a mother hen to our other two dogs and four cats. When you see our little small mix breed, Sophia, there was Rosie right next to her – just like Mutt and Jeff!

She thought she was a therapist when I came home from work she got her head under my legs and raised and lowers my legs. We aren’t sure if she was working me out or cooling me down after a long day.

Rescue dogs make the best loveable pets.

Rosie enjoyed the specialty in 2012 and was so proud of the veterans ribbon and rescue gallery bandana.

Rosie started to act strange in November 2012 she had stopped eating and was loosing weight. The middle of December we rushed her to the vets because she could not stand or walk. She remained at this vet until Christmas they did all kinds of test and x-rays. She came home Christmas eve. She was still not eating and was going downhill. I called a very good friend of mine who also is a vet and I worked for her as a vet tech. She said bring her in as soon as I told her I thought Rosie was dying.

She said if we could save her we needed to operate. As she got ready I put Rosie under and tubed her. As soon as we opened her I knew. My sweet Rosie died in my arms on the operating table. She had hemangiosarcoma. One of the tumors had ruptured and she was bleeding out.