Argentieri - Moose - Ruffin, NC

Moose showed up on facebook the middle of May 2013. His picture and a caption: “Boy needs home, current home has 14 cats, small child and he needs to be out.” Rescues refused to get him. Moose was labeled food and child aggressive, he was shaved due to skin infections, was 125 lbs now 85 lbs, and headed to the kill shelter.

Something in his eyes grabbed my soul. I knew I had to help him. I responded to the post, then hours of paperwork, emails and lots of stress. I was approved. YEAH!! Now, how to get to him. Thankfully, his owner agreed to hold him until I could make the drive to Florida. 12 straight hours of driving got me to his front door. I pulled into the neighborhood lined with nice houses. Then a house with the garage door opened with cats pouring in and out, I knew had to be the house. I knocked on the door, a woman answered. I told her who I was and she opened the door and let Moose out. No collar, no leash, nothing. Moose stood up put his paws on my shoulder and looked me dead in the eye, sat down on my feet and leaned into me, he could not have gotten closer if he wanted to. The woman was shocked, exclaiming “He has never done this before! “ He does not like strangers.

Honestly, I don’t think our souls were strangers, looking into his eyes was like looking into the eyes of an old friend. My fears of driving with an aggressive dog disappeared.

Three hours into the drive home. I was getting tired. I pulled into a Comfort Inn and once in the room I laid down for a short nap. Moose jumped on the bed, rolled over and what do I see…. Fleas, sores, his whole belly was fire red and the fleas were running on his stomach like it was a speedway. OK big guy, into the tub you go. Moose is a very tall boy, and was labeled aggressive and there I was, this little old fat Italian/Irish lady, picking him up and putting him in the tub, bath time, scrub away the fleas, Clean out your ears Oh My Goodness, his ears, his poor ears. It two wash rags to get the crap out trying clean his ears. I put medicine on all his sores.

We hit the road for the drive home to meet the rest of his forever family. Moose walked into our house and met Bristow and Kona and melted into Richards’ arms as if to say. I’M HOME! I’M HOME. Thank you for saving me.

After a few months his coat looks wonderful, infections cleared up. Moose has met his Blue Ridge Berner Club buddies and was the perfect gentleman. He is not child or food aggressive, I have 7 grandchildren, he loves them and they love him.

Mighty Moose Argentieri BG – 90028

Richard & Terri Argentieri
Ruffin NC