Baran - JB - Phoenix, AZ

Baran’s Jolly Boy

Owned by Dr. and Mrs. William L. Baran
Phoenix, Arizona

At eight months of age, JB was rescued by Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue in 2008. He was fostered by Bill and Lesley Baran who fell in love with him and formally adopted him.

As soon as JB turned 2 years old, Bill started training JB for draft competitions and herding trials. One day while training to herd sheep the herding instructor noticed JB’s beauty and gentle manner. She suggested JB would make a good dog model for ads and commercials. Bill registered JB with an animal talent agency. Last summer JB was called to audition for a print ad for PetSmart. After posing for 2 hours in manufactured snow the result was a holiday ad on PetSmart’s website and on posters in their stores. Bill and Lesley were thrilled!

ABMDR hopes JB gets more modeling jobs because he donated his paycheck to Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue.