Caldwell - Hagar - Lawrence, KS

BARC’s Hagar Storm the Castle

Hagar is my Peter Pan dog. At five years old, he still has two speeds – full speed or comatose. Almost ‘disposed of’ by his ‘breeder,’ another rescue talked the ‘breeder’ into turning over the then 6-8 week-old puppy with the torn ear flap. That rescue got him to BARC and BARC knew he would help ease my grief over my loss of Sophia to histio.

Hagar is easily the most enthusiastic dog I have ever known. He doesn’t want to miss anything! Life is a party in his honor. Though he has his moments when he can be, well, a challenge is the nicest way to put it, he can also be sweet, goofy, and, like any Berner, downright adorable. And he keeps me laughing.

“If growing up means it will be
Beneath my dignity to climb a tree
I won’t grow up – Not ME!”

I am so grateful to share my life with this dear boy.

BG # 65942
Registration #: PAL254527
DNA# V667352 (AKC)

Liz Caldwell
Lawrence, KS