Chiappetta - Oslo - Leesville, LA

Oslo (Gremlin Extraordinaire) – My Berner
BG# - 74994
Denni Chiappetta
Leesville, LA

Oslo is my Berner baby. He will be 7 years old this March. I have had him since he was 7 months old. He still has his quirks from being a mill rescue. When we are out and about, he goes in to his shy mode. We attended a fun fill weekends with our Berner club. He will mingle with the other Berners at bit, but he basically stays by my side. A comment was made – “He never loses sight of where you are”. He is my Velcro dog. When he has had enough socializing he wants to go to our room/cabin. It’s funny. He knows that where ever our “stuff” is – it’s his safe zone. We’ve stayed many times at a ranch/farm with our Berner Club. They have about 6 different cabins. No matter which room/cabin we are in, he knows which room/cabin we are in. His safe zone is important to him.

He likes to go in the car. When you say – “Do you want to go”, he gets all excited. His ears go up; he prances around, and whines. He is ready to go. But as soon as he gets in the car, he lays down. If he can, he will lay on the floor in the back seat. (I do have him secured in the car.) He does not like the rumble strips on the side of the road. That will send him to the floor instantly. He will get up and look around, but not a lot. But when you say that word go – he is just so full of joy it makes me smile.

I wish my Berner “family” could see Oslo the way he is at home. He is a different dog. He is happy at home. He likes to play with his squeaky toys. He likes it when I try to take them from him. He just recently started to play growl. He can catch a ball and bring it back, but we aren’t doing so well on the “let go” part. He doesn’t always like to let go. If he hears something outside, he will run out the doggy door barking. When the colder weather hits La, he spends a lot of time outside at night. He definitely likes the colder weather.

Oslo has an older sister named Sable (shepard-chow mix). He has learned a lot from her. Oslo tries to get Sable to play sometimes, but Sable is 14. She doesn’t like to play a lot.

He is a smart dog. He knows a lot of commands and the hand signals that I use with them. We are still working on our novice draft title.

Oslo has brought such love and joy to my life. I love to see the sparkle in his eyes when we play. We’ve come such a long way together. I am looking forward to a lot more fun with Oslo.