Conrad - Montana - Gastonia, NC

Montana’s Story
Bernergarde # 91223
By: Bonnie Conrad
Gastonia, NC

Montana showed up on a well known free website for local pets. She was advertised as free! On November 28th, I went to meet her and found a very shy unsocialized Berner girl. She shared her home with 7 children and an older shepherd. She was under weight and had no coat. She spent 2 weeks with a leash attached so I could get her. It took longer for me to be able to cut the mats from behind her ears. I could not come near her with a brush and could not touch her ears. So, we were having fun. We made many trips to my vet just so we could sit in the waiting room as I tried to get her ready for a vet check and arrange for her to be spayed. She came to my house in heat which I feel did not help her attitude at all.

After about 2 months, I could brush her for short periods at a time, could rub her ears and the mats were long gone. We took her in to be spayed and that one day was the worst day of my life! I am quite sure it was much harder on me then on Montana.

She came through just fine. I found a sweet loving girl under all her fears. She warmed up to my husband after about 3 months and LOTS of doggy treats. She loves to ride in the van, likes to go for walks and does very well as long as no strangers approach her. She is still fearful of any pole looking object in my hand. (Broom, pick up tool. Etc.) Hates the vacuum, but loves attention.

She did not know what toys or dog chews were. She did not know how to “hold” anything to chew on it. Her first kong was chased all over the kitchen as she tried to lick the peanut butter out.

Montana has been with us a little over a year now and has come a long, long, way. She still has her fearful moments and I think she always will. Just can’t erase 5 years of damage in such a short time. But, we will keep working on it and will do everything we can to make her feel safe and secure.