Tobi - Adeline Maxim - Calgary, Alberta

TobiBerner-Garde # 55364My name is Mister Tobias (Tobi). I was born in a puppy mill and I left my mama when I was just 7 weeks old. I am such a cute baby and I have the personality to match it so when some people came to see me they fell in love with me and took me home with them. But they found out they couldn’t keep me so they called the Rescue lady and asked if she could find a good home for me. I went to stay with Rescue for a couple of nights and then they found a home for me with a family.I had had no training on how to behave and I was so excited to be in a family that I ran around barking and nipping at things and people. They didn’t like that and didn’t understand that they had to train me not to do these things; I really am quite smart and learn things fast if you teach me. So they sent me back to Rescue who found a foster mom to take me in. I am so tired of moving around and just starting to like people and then they get rid of me again. I was afraid to get to close to the foster mom and other dogs cause I was sure they would give me up too. I don’t know why no one had wanted me.The foster home was good to me and even had a baby berner just a little bigger than me to play with. Foster mom saw that I didn’t like my puppy food (I wouldn’t eat it and was so skinny) so she found some food that I did like and she would let me eat as much as my little tummy would hold. She taught me how to cuddle (no one had every held and cuddled me like that before) – does it ever feel nice to have someone to snuggle into and to feel like I’m wanted. I was really starting to settle into this house and feel like I finally belonged somewhere.I got to go to a berner Christmas Party and when we got there I got to run and play with all the other berners. I tried so hard to keep up with all the bigger berners but I was the youngest one there so I got tired really fast and when my foster mom saw how tired I was she picked me up and cuddled me till I fell asleep in her arms. This was the best day I have ever had.The next day foster mom got a call asking if she wanted to keep me in a forever home “YES” she said and now a have my own Mommy and four sisters and a forever and ever home. I like to jump on mommy’s lap and give her kisses just to tell her how happy I am to be living in my nice warm house and have a family of my own.Adeline MaximCalgary, AlbertaCanadamaxim-tobi-sm.jpg