Davis - Denali - North Pole, AK

The Last Frontier’s Dazzling Denali
BG # 30727
July 13, 2003 -

Denali is the mother of our very first Berner, Buster. She was owned by a couple who lived less than a mile from our home here in North Pole, Alaska. We found them through their puppy ad in our local newspaper. Two years after meeting her and getting one of her puppies, she came in to our life again.

We were contacted by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Alaska Rescue Coordinator, looking for information about Denali (and her husband, McKinley). Denali’s owners, who had a child in a wheel chair, had to move to a smaller home. Their rescue effort started when the owners contacted Golden Retriever Rescue of Fairbanks (GRRF) to take the golden retriever, and they also took Denali and McKinley We were contacted because several friends of ours were also BMDC of AK members, and they let the coordinator know about us. When contacted, we immediately told the coordinator that we would love to have both of them join our family! Since we were new to the Berner community and the BMDC of AK, it took several weeks of e-mails and phone calls before we were able to convince them that we should have them with us.

On the Monday after we picked McKinley up, we received the call from Denali’s foster family saying we could come pick her up as well. She met McKinley at the gate to our house, and it was like long lost lovers reunited! They sniffed each other and whined a while with tails going at hyper speed as if to say “I found you!”

We spend quite a bit of time training our dogs in performance events such as Rally and Obedience, but Denali really never showed any interest in that stuff. While she is very obedient and knows the basic commands, she is just happy being our dog and loving us. We consider her to be something of a spaz because she will come in from outside to check on us, say a quick hello, and then blast back out the door.

She was, and still is, a great mom. She would always wash Buster’s head, and when we got Emma as a puppy, she washed her as well. She still bathes Emma (at almost 4 years old!) at least once a day, and now Emma’s children all get baths too.

She is a very happy and healthy 10 ½ year old puppy, with no signs of slowing down. Her tails is always wagging, and she has no problem telling you how happy she is to see you. We feel extra fortunate to have had Denali join our family and share her love and happiness with us. We cherish every day that we get to spend with Denali. We love you Denali!

Ron & Kristi Davis
North Pole, AK