Deering - Bruno - High Point, NC

Bruno of Kersey Valley CGC
Born January 26, 2005
BG # 42666

Bruno was purchased as a puppy from a pet store by a young couple who went in to buy a miniature dachshund. They had a little boy who was the same age as Bruno. As Bruno and his activity level grew they feared that he might accidentally hurt their son and Bruno was banished to the back yard. Fortunately, when he was age 1.5 they realized he deserved a new home.

The young man advertised on the internet, but then scared off potential buyers by saying he was really hyper. He was very active, but had some basic training and was very trainable, trying very hard to please. He fit right into our family immediately, and even convinced our BARC’s Becca to share her seat, although reluctantly at first, in the van.

He found our room to roam delightful, but would come on the run when called. He loves to run through the woods on our daily walks checking out all the smells that have accumulated since the day before.

Bruno is definitely the boss here. He’s become quite vocal in the last couple years about when we should get up, when to feed him, when Stanley should go out, when Stanley is getting into something he shouldn’t, and just talking to us sometimes. As the fun patrol, he makes sure that Stanley doesn’t run too fast, or have too much fun when they’re outside. Of course, he is also our house alert dog. He takes these duties quite seriously.

Summers are good for picking his own fruit and vegetables from the trees and the garden. He has shared that delight with all the other dogs with whom he’s shared our home.

At the age of nine, Bruno has slowed down a little in the past year, but is still ALWAYS ready to go; anywhere, any time. He’s always happy to be with us,
and we with him.

E J and Suzanne Deering
High Point NC