Dominy - Champ - Plano, IL

B/G 94912
Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

This is Champs’ second year in the rescue gallery. He came back into our rescue program after being with a “forever home” for 8 years. His new Mom got into some financial and health difficulties and she had to return him to our rescue program. He was severely underweight and had some health issues of his own so he has been with me as a forever foster. He remains with us, my 3 other rescue boys and my girl Ziva.

He races out the door and around the yard with everyone else, like he was a puppy. He has had some days when it is hard to get around at 10 ½, don’t we all. Champ has taken over the dog bed as only his. No one else really cares, but he protects it like he is the king. He continues to chase and play with the younger kids until he is tired, then it is lights out. He has started to come up to me when I am sitting on the sofa and stand in front of me wagging his tail and smiling. So I pet him and play with him, but when I stop he just stands there. “What do you want Champ”? He goes racing to the laundry room where the food and water bowl reside. I get up to go see if he is out of water only to see him shoot past me and jump onto the couch where I was sitting. I come back and there he is smiling and beating his tail on the couch. Sometimes they are just too darn smart.

I am so glad that Champ came into my home and has melded into our “furry family”. I hope he continues to do well and you will hear from me about his new antics next year.

Our Berners are so very entertaining and loving. I can’t imagine a house without them.