Dominy - Buck - Plano, IL

BG # 77692

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

Year 4 for Buck in rescue gallery.

(For those of you that have not seen Bucks story; he was rescued off of a farm in Springfield, IL along with a male litter mate and a female that he was bred with when he was just a little over one year old. They were all in horrible condition, kept outside with little to no shelter. Eating mostly what they could catch. They were given some food but little to no human interactions. All had muddy, feces packed coats, ringworm and patches of hair missing.)

Buck has made great progress in the past year. He still barks when people come into the house, but he goes up to anyone almost immediately. My family has been very surprised when they stop by and Buck will come running up and hops around for attention. He has mastered the jumping onto the couch and snuggling in for attention. It used to be a slow and steady process and once he was up he didn’t know what to do and would just stand there. No more, now he knows just what he wants, ATTENTION!!

Buck is very much a home body. He does not want to get into the car, and after I get him in, he does not want to get out at our destination. This has proven to be quite a challenge when we arrive. I put my dogs in a crate when we travel. One day when he needed to go to the vet for his annual visit, I could not get him out of the crate when we arrived. We would brace his to back legs against the sides of the door and I could not budge him. The techs were watching me from the inside, and finally one of them came out and I got ahold of him under his front legs while she got under me and got his hind legs out by taking moving one and then the other. It was a good thing that I had the crate in the rear and we could both get at him. Once he was out he was happy to go into the office. He did load back in under his own power, I don’t think he wanted to be double teamed again. LOL

Buck, Buck as he is called is a sweet, happy boy and a delight to be part of our PACK of babies.

It is so good to see a dog come from such bad issues and be so resilient. These dogs have so much love to give if we only treat the right.