Dominy - Tosh - Plano, IL

TOSH the Terrific
BG # 83968

Michele Dominy
Plano, IL

This is Tosh’s 3rd year in the rescue gallery. He came to live with me in Nov. of 2011.

Tosh was a high energy puppy with no training. He was a handful, but the sweetest little guy. I took him in as a foster in May and started working with leash training and general puppy training. I decided to adopt him after I lost my Heidi in Oct, and he settled into the house.

This past year I continued my obedience training with Tosh. He has been doing real well in class, but when I entered him in our Regional Specialty last Oct. in the beginner’s novice class things didn’t go so well. He was fine with everything except when I left him. The first day he did ok when I walked around the room, but when I left him a second time for the recall he couldn’t take it and came to me as soon as I turned around. He is definitely a mommas’ boy. The second day he was nervous from the start and blew both of the stay events. Oh well more training. Kind of cute that he feels the need to ALWAYS be with me. Except of course unless he is outside eating or chasing something that he finds more interesting than me.

He still has a lot of puppy in him. He bounds around the house trying to get the others to play with him. And if they are not interested he will come flying back to me and find a way to stay in front of me with every step I take hoping that I might has time for some play.

We did pass the CGC and TDI tests this year and are going to continue with the obedience training and trials.

We are currently a household of 4 Berners, Champ 10 1/2 (rescue), Buck 7 (rescue) Tosh 4 1/2 (rescue) and Ziva soon to be 3. We all know you can never have too many Berners.