Dowler-Roos - Tapper - Anchorage, AK

URO-1, UCD Allsgold Sable at Kodiak Alaska CD, BN, RE, NDD, CGC, TDI
Berner Garde# 24745, AKC DNA# V417723

Known to his adoring fans in Alaska and throughout the Berner World, as either “Tapper” or simply “The BIG Dog”.

The February 2004 Rescue edition of The Alpenhorn included an article about how he came to live with us. He has participated in every Rescue Gallery offered and attended each National Specialty since 2005, yep this will be his tenth!

The importance of rescue efforts on a local club basis was paramount for his survival. Through no fault of his own he became a Christmas puppy gone wrong. His original family in Kodiak, Alaska had no idea what they had. Due to his mental and physical needs they felt compelled to chain him up in their yard and separate him from the family he wanted so much to be part of. When they finally gave up on him they deemed him “uncontrollable” and without the BMDC of Alaska rescue committee his premature demise would have prevented the wonderful life he enjoys today.

When he joined our home, he didn’t know the name he had been given so renaming this dog TAPPER (which stands for Throw Away Puppy) seemed natural. Transitioning a ninety pound puppy that had the social skills of an eight week old was a challenge. But slowly the terrifying doorbell, the television, the vacuum cleaner and even playing with toys started to make sense to him.

He reminds us regularly that he is a RESCUE by always being the first out of the car and the first into our home. He will not be left behind and will not be left outside. We understand that and willingly accept his not so subtle reminders.

Tapper now at over eleven years of age, has matured into a very beautiful and intelligent Berner who simply loves to work. He has completed draft, obedience and rally titles with his current interest in K9 Nosework. He was the first Berner in Alaska to hold both an AKC and UKC Companion Dog title. Plus he was the very first Berner to earn the AKC Beginner Novice title. Being an ambassador to the breed is important to us. He enjoys meeting new people, especially tourists who visit Alaska, and he continues to be an active therapy dog visiting homebound senior citizens. He earned his CGC (in Gettysburg in 2005) and his TDI (in Louisville in 2007).

Tapper remains active in the ring, but having now attained veterans status really likes the conformation ring. He is certain that the applause he hears while in the ring is ONLY for him.
In June of 2013, he earned both an Award of Merit and Best Veteran at the Alaska Regional Specialty and the accompanying picture captures that.

Later this week please watch for him in Veteran’s Sweepstakes, Veteran’s Conformation and the Parades. When not “working”, Tapper remains very active with long hikes in the woods, swimming in the glacial fed waters of Alaska and running/playing in the mountains. His favorite season of the year is winter and the Berner Snow Angels he creates are epic.

We are so grateful to have Tapper as a member of our family. He has taught us so much about humility, patience and most importantly about unconditional love. He reminds us daily that he is our first Berner, our heart dog, as he takes his place on the couch or settles in next to us in bed.

We are forever grateful to Ruth and Randy Johnson (now of Roy, WA) who facilitated Tapper’s rescue.

Randal Lee Dowler & Carrie Ann Roos from Anchorage, Alaska