Ganz - Anja - Washoe Valley, NV

Anja Ganz

Anja has been a regular in the Rescue Gallery since joining our family in 2009. She had been found running loose in Reno, Nevada. No one responded to efforts to find her owners so we were glad to have her join our family. At the time, that family consisted of two humans, two Berner boys and one gray kitty. In the years since, we have had to say good-by to all three other pets. Anja is now an only pet and doesn’t mind getting all the attention.

She did give us a scare this past year. Anja has always had orthopedic problems including severe arthritis, spondylosis and bone spurs. We have tried all we could to keep her comfortable including adequan shots in acupuncture points, regular acupuncture, VOM, laser therapy and various supplements.

Last summer she began to have more trouble getting up and was limping more so we decided to try stem cell therapy. X-rays and ultrasound were done to make sure she did not have cancer as stem cell treatment would encourage the growth of any cancer cells present. We were stunned when ultrasound revealed a mass on her spleen and an adrenal mass. All Berner owners know what fear these findings bring.

We took her to a specialty surgical clinic where a CT scan and other tests were done. Possible heart problems were found and she was seen by a heart specialist who felt the issue did not preclude surgery so surgery to remove the masses was done. All went well and we felt like the luckiest Berner family ever–the masses were both BENIGN!

After Anja had several weeks to recover from surgery, we went ahead with the stem cell treatment, post treatment therapies and exercises. While we do not see any major improvement at this time, she is holding her own and remains her happy, spunky self. We recently sent a swab to OFA to test for DM and results were negative for DM.

The anxiety and behavior issues of the past are pretty calm right now but she is still reactive to other dogs when on leash, especially at the vet clinic. Always makes it interesting. She has recently enjoyed the company of two Great Danes that we were dog sitting for friends. I think she liked being part of a gang again but was also glad to get her space on the couch back when they went home!

Joe and Carol Ganz
Washoe Valley, NV
Anja’s Berner-Garde number: 64725