Henning - Greta - Phoenix, AZ

Mark & Paula Henning
Phoenix, Arizona

Rescue: Greta – Hannagan’s Off the Beaten Path BG#84542

Greta’s Story

Greta was bought over the internet by first time pet owners, but at 13 weeks old they decided she was growing too fast, chewing on everything, wouldn’t sleep at night, and thought maybe a puppy was not right for them. They called the Arizona Rescue and wanted to have someone come meet her and find out more about the Rescue.

We drove to meet the owners and Greta, played with her, asked the owners about her, why they wanted to give her up, we realized the issues were that she was a puppy. We stayed quite a while, gave them information about the Rescue and what would happen to Greta if they gave her up. They decided it was best for Greta and signed her over to the Rescue.

On the way home she went from a scared, trembling little puppy to falling sound asleep in Paula’s lap. She was partially crate trained but we decided it was best to sleep close to her at night to keep her quiet. We still had to finish house training, break her of some bad habits, like eating rocks, and teach her some manners as she grew up. She immediately fit right in with the other dogs in our family and brought new life to all the old dogs. They thought she was the annoying little kid next door that would not leave. Within a day or so we realized she was a great little girl, so we decided to adopt her. She was smart, active, full of herself, and so much fun.

As she grew, she became an active, loving, happy go-lucky girl. Now 2 years later, she has almost completely grown physically, but very slight, 62 lbs. and still has the mental age of a puppy. She has entered her 1st draft test in January and passed her first try, then failed the second day for now knowing what a “back” was. Go Figure. She will be entered as a brace team with her older sister this spring.

She is still full of herself but continues to bring us laughter, love and joy every day. She still has her moments but adopting Greta was a decision we will never regret. Once she “matures” a little more, it will be on to Therapy work as well. If you ever get a chance to meet her, you will see what an absolute joy she is to be around.