Kurtz - Mandy - Wayne, OH

Mandy – BG 53280

Her full name is Yadkin Valley Samantha – yes, quite a mouthful. Mandy for short, yet more affectionately known as “Pup-Tart”, has been my faithful companion for 6 years along with her puppy mill mate Molly. While she was kept as breeding stock in captivity for 2 years, she adjusted very quickly to the outside world.

It is amazing to watch her communicate solely with her eyes or ears. She is at her absolute cutest when she puts her head in my lap begging for ice cream. She also has a voice and tends to use it. (Especially when I get home and she feels the need to bark right in my ear.)

She can be stubborn, and will stop dead in her tracks without warning: nope – not going any further right now, mom. She is very forward, and will present her backside to anyone in hopes of getting petted or scratched. She tends to hog the bed, and often during the course of the night will turn around and fart in my face. She hates baths, forcing me to get in the tub with her.

Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way :-)

Kathy A Kurtz
Wayne, Ohio