Kurtz - Molly - Wayne, OH

Molly – BG 54560

After my Samoyeds passed on, I was left with a huge hole in my heart. I knew I wanted (no, NEEDED) another dog, but thought maybe this time of going with a different breed. My good friends Jerry & Mary Jo Bish introduced me to the Bernese Mountain Dog – perfect, I thought. I got online to discover that Thirdtyme Rescue at that time had 12 Berners in need of a loving home, all coming from those dastardly puppy mills. I was sent the information on a couple of them. Mohawk Molly (“Molly”) was 4 years old – did I really want to adopt a pet that might only be around for few more years? Yet her foster parents described her in such a way that I was intrigued. I was also considering Yadkin Valley Samantha (“Mandy”), a two-year old. Oh, how could I decide? Then I learned that these 2 girls were rescued from the same puppy mill but staying with different foster families. It was a done deal – I had to take them both in and reunite them.

While I love both of them dearly, I am focusing more on Molly in this story. She was so withdrawn, and I was told it could take up to 18 months for her to come around. She didn’t bark, play, or even wag her tail: it was truly heart wrenching. But little by little she started to come out of her shell. I never will forget the first day she let out a bark – even the neighbor’s horses came over to the fence to see her! A herding Berner no less! The look on her face was priceless. I also remember the first time she licked my nose. But the ultimate was the day I came home from work to find her sprawled out on my bed. Congrats my sweet girl – you deserve it! She is a true joy, whether she is romping in the snow or lying on her back begging for belly rubs. And just this year I discovered she loves to swim!! She is still cautious around strangers, but that is a wonderful attribute in my opinion. Molly lets me know whom I can trust and whom I should be wary of.

My wish from the very start was that Molly experience at least 4 years of freedom, to balance out the 4 she spent in captivity. I am very happy to report that she just celebrated her 10th birthday!! She has graced my life for over 6 years now. It’s hard to express just how much this tender soul has touched my heart. I cherish every day I have with her. Truth be told: I was the one who was rescued :-)

Kathy A Kurtz
Wayne, Ohio