Marshall-Rueppel - Choxie - Breckinridge, CO

Choxie Marshall Rueppel
Born February 14, 2006
BG# 84392
AKC PAL # 84392

This is Choxie’s second entry in to the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty’s Rescue Gallery. We couldn’t be happier to have Choxie as part of our life. Clyde, our first Berner rescue led to us to Choxie. Our 16-year-old Golden had just died and Clyde was beside himself with sadness. A neighbor called us about Choxie’s situation thinking she would be the answer to Clyde’s grief. It worked! Clyde no longer spent his days weeping but instead establishing who was boss. Two years after Choxie came in to our family, we lost Clyde at 12-years-old to Pancreatic Carcinoma.

Choxie’s story is simple in that she came from a divorce situation and due to financial restraints could no longer be part of that family. Choxie had bi-lateral torn CCL’s that needed repair. We accepted the challenge of Choxie’s orthopedic issues. Three years later we are glad we did.

Choxie is small for a Bernese Mountain Dog and weighs only 85 pounds. Her first guardian told us that she was advertised in the newspaper by a large kennel. Rumors within the Berner community indicated it was a breeder who churned out puppies. Others told us that the kennel bred for smaller Berners so they would live longer. All we know is that we love her and her sweet disposition endears us to her.

The Human Society of United States publication “All Animals” will feature a photo of Choxie in the November/December 2014 issue. The image depicts her running through the snow. The repair surgery has her fully enjoying life.

For Choxie’s 8th birthday, we submitted her blood to the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, which is researching Renal Dysplasia. In addition to dogs diagnosed with Renal Dysplasia, the Broad Institute needs blood samples from healthy Bernese Mountain Dogs over the age of 8 years. Renal Dysplasia is believed to have a genetic influence and the research is to help determine if different genetic variants exist in each breed. This past October we received a phone call from the Berner Garde Foundation. Clyde’s blood was submitted as a control sample for the development and approval of a screening tool for Histiocystic Sarcoma. Please remember to register your dog with the Berner Garde Foundation, as your dog’s legacy will live on in others. Before that phone call I wondered, did it make a difference if I submitted samples; it does.

Gail Marshall and Jack Rueppel of Breckenridge, Colorado