Marshall-Rueppel - Henri’ - Breckinridge, CO

Call Name: Henri’
Registered Name: Henry Joseph Hodor
AKC# WS43051702
BG# 101003
Birthdate: January 4, 2013

I was not quite ready but when my friend, Anita, called me from her shop, French Kiss, about this 8 month old Berner puppy that was being given away at another shop, I rushed in to town to find out what was going on. Evidently the puppy’s owner was no longer able to care for the puppy. So the puppy was left at a pet boutique challenging the boutique’s owner to find the puppy a new home.

Not quite sure how to approach the situation, the pet boutique owner asked each customer who came in, if they wanted the puppy. None accepted. One customer, however, did visit French Kiss and told Anita. The pet boutique’s owner in the meantime had called her friend, Mimi, to take the puppy. As I learned more information about this puppy I realized who the puppy was.

Michael, the puppy’s first guardian, had to move to California and marry his girlfriend who was pregnant with twins. Due to the financial strain of having twins the pair were moving in with the girlfriend’s parents who said “No dog!” Michael panicked.

Mimi took the puppy to the dog park where people told her the puppy was abused. When she got the puppy back to her house, the puppy had diarrhea all over and was limping. She kept calling Michael leaving nasty voice messages. The pet boutique owner had me speak with Mimi and I suggested that she take the puppy to the veterinarian, Mimi refused, as she was not going to spend any money on “that dog”. Around 7 PM I received a call from Michael asking that I take the puppy. Michael had intervened on my behalf, as Michael did not feel comfortable with the woman who had him. He told Mimi he wanted me to have the puppy.

The puppy held a special place in our hearts. 5 months earlier Michael had given Jack, my husband, a ride home from work. Michael and Jack worked together. During the ride Jack held the puppy in his lap. This was the day Jack rushed home to say good-bye to our 12-year-old Berner, Clyde. Clyde passed from Pancreatic Carcinoma.

The next day I picked the puppy up and took him to a veterinarian. Turned out the puppy had severe bi-lateral elbow dysplasia. The puppy started off in our life with having surgery right away. As it was the owner of French Kiss who alerted me about the puppy, we call him Henri’. It made sense; French Kiss’s merchandise is from France. Henri’ is doing well since his surgery however we have gone through two pairs of prescription glasses, the wood siding on our home is chewed off as well as a corner wall in the living room, and our 2013 Volkswagen Tiquan’s steering wheel and shifter has bite marks through out. Henri’ is one year old and weighs over 100 pounds.

We stayed in contact with Michael; he is married and the proud father of twin girls.

Gail Marshall and Jack Rueppel of Breckenridge, Colorado