McGuire - Ranger - Tempe, AZ

Berner-Garde: 107579
Adopted from the Az Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue on 9/12/09

Arriving in rescue after life with unforgiving owners who said they hated him, Ranger now radiates unconditional love and pure acceptance with his innate genus for therapy work. Chronically ill hospice patients brighten as he wends his way through wheelchairs & oxygen tanks wearing an impish grin and a tail that wags a happy hello. He proves himself a canine scholar finding the best approach to each individual, when he gently places his head in a patient’s lap providing a soft head to stroke regardless of the degree of impairment.
At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Ranger encourages the recovery of rehabilitation patients by fetching his favorite toys with a prancing gait that says ‘let’s have some fun!’ His understanding brown eyes encourage the most timid child to leave their bed and perform their prescribed therapy, as he proudly walks alongside a child hooked to an I.V. who needs to exercise. He has perfected the fine art of bed visits by gently snuggling next to patients in need of comfort. His steadfast patience, loyalty, and ‘grace under pressure’ are never more apparent than in unexpected encounters with a child returning from surgery, or a distraught parent sobbing in despair. With Behavioral Health Unit kids, he offers an opportunity to feel empowered when he obeys their commands to fetch a toy or participate in a game of ‘find the treat’. Kids who may have been abused, or been abusive themselves, are given a gift with Ranger who absorbs all their cares, disappointments and frustrations.

Together we have taken Disaster Dog training which requires bomb proof poise and confidence; visited Camp Rainbow, a place of refuge for children with cancer; and appeared on the TV Program Sonoran Living with Ranger displaying how best to interact with a young patient. At the Children’s Cancer Network Fashion Show, Ranger’s presence soothed back stage jitters while kids with cancer prepared to model the latest fashions, and he positively beamed goodwill and encouragement as he shared hugs with all present.

Ranger’s steadfast loyalty provides understanding as my four-legged alarm clock, butler-in-waiting and personal doorman. With his devoted nature and expressive eyes, he is instinctively sensitive to the nuances of living with a deaf person. His inquisitive nature enables him to quietly observe the world at large, using his nose to nudge me when there is anything that requires my attention – whether it be a forgotten pot on the stove or a knock on the door.

Having Ranger guarantees a full quota of smiles daily – with his impish grin and a sparkle in his eye, Ranger brightens every day with his infectious sense of joy and endearing personality. He loves to supervise yard work, play tag and race around with his purple jolly ball. He knows his big black nose is the perfect alarm clock to make sure I don’t oversleep. Ranger is a happiness magnet who brightens everyone’s day and a blessing to all who know him.

Diane McGuire
Tempe, Arizona