Monte - Demi - Slidell, LA

Mary Ann Monte, Slidell, LA
Demi - Old World’s Randi BG# 27751

Our Demi is now 10 years old. If she had remained in the puppy mill she would have been euthanized because she had only one puppy in her first litter. Demi was rescued by BARC from a puppy mill in Kansas in November, 2005. She was fostered by a wonderful family in Ohio, and we adopted her January 1, 2006. We discussed what we would name her during the long drive back to Louisiana and chose the name Demi, for Demitasse, a tiny, strong cup of coffee very popular in Louisiana, since she was such a small girl. She is still a little girl of 50 lbs with a stocky body and short legs that don’t hold her back at all when it comes to mischief and fun.

At first, Demi was far more comfortable with other dogs than she was with people. She was very timid and had a high startle reflex. She was so shy and frightened by men that she would run and hide every time my husband, Louis, came close to her or tried to touch her. She would allow me to touch her only with great reluctance and she trembled the entire time. We kept an open crate in both the living room and the bedroom and she spent much of her time curled up as far back in the crate as possible. She would not take any treats from our hands and flinched in fear if we suddenly moved our hands towards her. Our male Berner at that time, Pepper, realized that Demi needed a protector and he readily took on that role.

Now, eight years after her adoption, she has become an absolute delight and is one of the happiest dogs we have ever had. She is a total love bug. If we even glance at her the tail begins wagging and if we prolong the glance she is up and coming to us for some loving. She loves to get up in the morning, her entire body wags in anticipation of some attention and she does a little kangaroo leap to reach the top of the bed with her front paws. When she comes in from outside she runs around the house looking for me and when she finds me she leans up against me with this big grin on her face. She loves to cuddle, be brushed, and will flop over on her back for a belly rub at the slightest provocation. Her tail wags constantly.

In her mind she owns the house and does not see a need to move, letting Louis step over and around her, knowing she won’t be stepped on. She can be a stubborn little lady with a mind of her own and she rules our other Berners, Sig and Zoe. She loves to tease them into playing with her. Everyone meeting her is captivated by her bright eyes and beautiful smile.