Monte - Sig - Slidell, LA

Mary Ann Monte, Slidell, LA
Sig, BG# 70990

Sig, the largest of our three Berners, is a BARC rehome whom we adopted in March of 2008. We have little information about him but believe he spent most of his first year of life tied up outside in his first owner’s back yard. Thanks to his great foster Mom, who taught him house rules, he settled into our lives quickly. We think he is about 7 years old and has finally grown to his full size and is a beautiful stately boy. He bounds around the house and yard as if he has springs on his paws and does a perfect Berner lean at every opportunity.

When he first came to us I noticed he dragged his rear paws when he walked. We had him evaluated and x-rayed and found out he has poor hips and arthritis in his right front elbow. Because of his hips and elbow we keep him on the thin side and take him on long, leisurely walks. Sig is the most vocal of our three Berners and lets us know how he feels about things with woofs, woo woos, whines, gurgles, and howls. He has appointed himself our guard dog and takes that responsibility very seriously. His loud bark is enough to deter any but the most determined of intruders. Only the garbage truck defeats him.

Sig is very sensitive. We lost Sam, Sig’s older but much smaller BARC “brother” in August, 2010. Sam was prone to violent aggressive episodes. Sig sensed when these episodes were about to occur and warned us through his behavior. He seemed to know that Sam could not help what happened and never retaliated when Sam attacked. In fact, once Sam settled down, Sig would approach Sam to make sure he was fine. Sig is also an excellent reader of strangers and I have learned to rely on his opinion whenever a repairman or other stranger is in the house.

Sig is a love, I adore him, and it is hard to imagine this home without him. He is sweet and affectionate and his helicopter tail is always wagging. One of his favorite outside games is to run circles around me in the yard. He then backs up, sits on my feet, and lifts his head so he can look me in the eye and I can rub his neck and chest.

In the house he gets great joy out of intercepting Louis as he moves about the house. Sig leans in and waits for a bit of butt scratching before allowing Louis to move on. Our house is built with two main hallways which allow him to run around inside the house in a circle. It brings him great joy when I head down one hallway and he takes the other to arrive in the living room before I do. He looks at me with this huge grin on his face and pure joy in his heart.