Montgomery - Beyla - Lexington, KY

Justin and Kerri Montgomery
Lexington KY
Call name: Beyla
Berner-Garde #: 90874

Beyla came into our lives earlier than expected. We had just lost our prior Berner, Sadie rescue to lymphoma. We, as well as Kodak, our Berner/Aussie mix were heartbroken. Kodak was so depressed and lonely; and so we reluctantly began the online search for another rescue Berner in need of a forever home.

Justin fell in love with Beyla, from the Heart of Michigan rescue. She was a pretty dog, but had been shaved due to matting and looked more like a Swissie than anything. She did have two freckles above her nose just like Sadie did, though. Kerri fell in love with Twinkle, at a rescue in Ohio. From her pictures (in profile view) you could tell that Twinkle had a full, beautiful and long coat just like Sadie but you could not see her full face.

The debate was now on in our household to see which dog we would pursue.

Justin persisted about Beyla, and on the day that Kerri was going to call Michigan to inquire about her, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to first call the Ohio rescue to check on Twinkle.

As Kerri drove down the interstate speaking with the Ohio rescue, she soon learned that Twinkle was no longer there. You can imagine the sheer disbelief and shock she felt when she learned that while Twinkle was no longer in Ohio, the rescue knew exactly where she was….at the Heart of Michigan rescue and her name had been changed to Beyla!

Kerri had to pull over to the shoulder and have a good cry. It was at that moment she realized that she and her husband had fallen in love with the exact same dog! Later that day, Justin and Kerri started the adoption process with the Heart of Michigan rescue.

Beyla was from a puppy mill where she lost her left eye in an accident. She had been in several homes already and she reportedly had anxiety issues and was on medication. However, at the rescue she had shown no anxiety problems and adapted well.

Within a month of having her, we knew she was special. She was so sweet, a 90-pound lap dog to be frank; but still shy and hesitant around new people. We have worked on socialization and grooming with her extensively and she now knows no stranger.

Beyla has blossomed into a loving and confident friend. She is now a therapy pet with Love On A Leash (LOAL) and makes visits to libraries as well as weekly visits to a local elementary school to help special needs students on building confidence with their reading. Our once shy and timid friend is now giving the gift of encouragement and confidence to others in need.

We cannot thank Bruce and Linda with the Heart of Michigan rescue enough for allowing us to adopt this amazing dog. She is truly our very best friend!