Montoya - Blade - Mount Pleasant, SC

February 3, 2011 we lost our sweet Moose (L-Sin-Skylyn’s Escapade BG #24925). My daughter and I were Bernerless for the first time in many years and at a very vulnerable time. Life was unimaginable without a Berner.

I got a call from Pat Long the day after Moose crossed the Bridge about a Berner in a bad situation that Fara Bushnell was trying to pull from a rescue. Pat knew we would be lost without a Berner, she also knows I have a hard time saying no.

With help from the Berner L, Elizabeth Fletcher for coordinating a railroad, and Debbie Wright for most of the train itself, our new boy made his way from Indiana to South Carolina. (There were many people who offered to help with this, so if anyone was left out, please do not be offended).

Our new boy arrived February 17, 2011 with his name, “Blade”, and a lot of baggage. He was filthy, matted, full of burrs, skinny and terrified. Blade was estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old. He most likely began his life in a puppy mill. He had lived outside at the foster. Blade had no idea what a leash was, and was terrified of it in any case. In fact, Blade was afraid of EVERYTHING, including my daughter and me.

We quickly realized that Blade had no experience living in a house or being with people. He was always cooperative, but only because he had no idea what else to do. He never once showed any aggression. If you raised your voice above a soft tone, he would panic and run. Blade wouldn’t eat or drink. He mostly hid in a corner of the dining room.

I was worried he would never come out of this. He would allow my daughter to do things for him, but was always nervous. Blade had obviously been abused. Even our vet thought so. He had no idea how to be a dog. We knew we had to heal this dog’s heart before he could move forward.

Blade has taken a lot of patience and love, but has overcome most of his fears. It took him almost two years to be able to look me in the eye, and my daughter just happened to catch that in a photo, which accompanies this story. We’ve had a long road, but he can now enjoy life, has an amazing sense of humor, and is just a big love-bug!

We never gave up on him, and had a few setbacks, but in the end, Blade helped us heal just as much as we helped him learn to be a dog. He has his quirks, but he settles quickly now and he frolics when we come home! He trusts us enough to be sassy sometimes!

Blade knows he is loved and he loves us back!

Laurie and Sara Montoya
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Blade: Berner Garde # 88776