Paige - Mack - Bahama, NC

Mack Paige
BG #106516

Mack, a 6-year old, was surrendered at an eastern Tennessee shelter with a 5-year old female Berner. The owner said he got them to breed them, but after a week, he changed his mind.

A volunteer for the shelter, who has a Newfie, took Mack and Maggie to get them out of the shelter while she located a nearby Berner rescue. Her observations about the dogs were very helpful. Maggie was the more confident one, often succeeded in eating Mack’s food. Mack was a sweet guy, but very shy and skittish.

We located a great family in Tennessee who had lost their Berner girl to cancer, for Maggie and Mack was going to live with a couple in Georgia. But when they met him, they realized he was too scared and shy for them to work with. I gladly went to get him, so I could foster him and assess his issues.

Mack is a very happy guy, just very scared of everything. He had a fear of thresholds, any noise inside or outside. But he is very curious and wants to be part of the family and tries so hard. We quickly saw how food motivated he is, but is also scared of a hand offering him treats. He made great progress in the first few weeks, though.

He has a funny way of circling the room, and we call it his fly by for a pet. The circles will get smaller and he slows down and eventually, when the other dogs are getting petted, he decides he wants some, too.

After six weeks of settling in, we discovered him playing with our female outside one frosty morning. She has a bad knee and femur and can’t really play, but this is the first of dozens of rescues that she has ever tried to play with. What a great sight to see the two of them so happy.

I continued to share Mack’s story with potential adopters, but many aren’t interested in a 6-year old, and many aren’t suitable for a fearful dog. With each passing day, Mack felt more like one of our own, and since he has captured our hearts, we decided he should continue his progress as part of our family.

Carolyn & Don Paige
Blue Ridge BMD Club Rescue Coordinator
Bahama, NC