Paige - Marla - Bahama, NC

Marla Paige
BG #106515

Marla and Path were surrendered together by a family who just didn’t want them anymore. They lived in a small stockade fenced back yard in South Carolina. They were very dirty girls and their while fur was orange from the red clay. They went under the deck when it rained or got too hot. The family fed them Puppy Chow, despite the fact they were adults.

Marla was the younger one, but more confidant. She easily ate Path’s food.
Marla had a very striking face to me; her eyes were beautiful and seemed to be those of an older soul. She willingly did anything we asked, although it was obvious she hadn’t had much positive contact with people. She was a very mellow girl and wasn’t interested in any of our dogs. We worked with Marla and Path separately, so Path could learn that she would get food and attention without competition from Marla. And both needed to learn how to walk on a leash.

It was a busy time for rescue during these months, so Marla and Path learned to enjoy a North Carolina summer inside in air conditioning. We let them take things at their own pace. Marla was always interested when I filled the water bowl and came over to check out the clean water.

I talked to several potential adopters about Marla, but for one reason or another, they didn’t work out, so we decided to keep her since she was such an easy going girl.

A couple months after we got her, Marla seemed even more mellow than usual. I attributed it to the hot weather. But then one day, her eyes told me it was more. I don’t know why, but I checked her gums and they were white. I called the vet and said we were on the way, but it took a while to encourage her to move so I could get her in the van. We rushed her in and yes, they agreed it was serious, too. My vet has helped with so many rescues over the years, they let me go in the back and sit on the floor with her while they put the IV in and started meds. We had some time together so I told her she would get the best care and I thanked her for telling me and for coming into my life.

The vet called me a short time later with blood results and suggested a couple of diagnosis, but the only way to know was to do exploratory surgery. He called me back while he was in surgery, to say she was full of cancer, and we had to let her go.

My Marla with the beautiful eyes as the window to her beautiful soul was gone.
But she had a couple months of human kindness, good food, clean water, and air conditioning, and in that short time she left a deep impression on our hearts.

Carolyn & Don Paige
Bahama, NC
Blue Ridge BMD Club Rescue Coordinator