Prochaska - Lilah - Fountain Hills, AZ

Lilah’s Story

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ID: 93056
Birthday: March 11, 2004

As I write this on January 31, 2014, today is the first anniversary of Delilah’s arrival as a rescue to foster at my house. To me, Delilah just didn’t fit so I changed her name to Lilah, to me a sweeter name for such a sweetheart. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with her and decide to adopt her. My golden retriever Chex is her pal, although she intimidates him.

Not much of her back story is known but it must have been traumatic because she was very fearful, and remains so, but improving. She is still very fearful with men although my sons tried to encourage her. Little boys are a different story and she also warms up to women quite easily as long as the slow and gentle approach is used. She doesn’t really seem to know how to play, but will steal Chex’s chewy bone if he walks away from it. And she always has to know where I am.

Physically, Lilah was a skinny 63 lbs. with prominent ribs, backbone and hip bones even though she is small for the breed. It turns out that she is very sensitive to foods and had to go on a prescription canned food until I figured out another dry food she could tolerate. She couldn’t even tolerate the dry version of her prescription dog food.

Today, Lilah is on a weight stabilization plan, having reached 80.4 lbs. a month ago at her last veterinarian visit. Hopefully, 75 lbs. or so will be good for her. She is on a holistic dry dog food – much easier for traveling — and, with the help of a little broth, eats her meals straight down.

Lilah is a GREAT walker and loves to go for rides, which is a good thing since we travel 1550 miles to Washington State every spring and back to Arizona in the fall. I use a ramp to get her in and out of my vehicle.

Lilah has become a very happy dog, and I am glad she got to come live with me.

Patricia B Prochaska
Fountain Hills, AZ