Reece - Gracie & Jack - Houston, TX


The beginning of my story in becoming a Berner owner started in 1994 when I saw two Bernese Mountain Dogs get out of their owner’s Volkswagen in Vermont. I was struck speechless at the beauty of these dogs. I said, “Some day I am going to own one of those,”

Fifteen years later I started looking for a Berner puppy in Texas. All the litters I located were already spoken for. I went to the Reliant Dog Show and talked to a member of the Lone Star Bernese Mtn. Dog Club (LSBMDC). She mentioned the club was affiliated with a rescue club. I filled out the paper work, and waited impatiently for a call.

Finally, I got THE call and went to visit this 11 month old, small female who had been found roaming a highway near Fort Worth. She was just precious, jumped in my car, and we drove back to Houston. I renamed her Gracie and we settled in to get to know each other and quickly bonded. From there I was hooked. I started going to the LSBMDC meetings.

I quickly found Gracie did not relate to men due to her shyness with my sons. Eventually, she came to accept men if they let her come to them.

Gracie was such a sweet Berner, I became a Foster Mom. Quite a few Berners came through our house until their forever home was found. Then this beautiful, sweet, three year old Berner came to our foster home. “Jack” was a financial relinquishment and of course, didn’t have any idea why he was at our house. After a few days, I told Jack, “You aren’t going anywhere. You have got a home with Gracie and me.” I officially became a member of the Failed Foster Club.

Jack has the best disposition and will tilt his head back and forth until he almost falls over while I talk to him. He also has the most wonderful “tigger jump” when he is excited.

Gracie and Jack get along with my grandchildren. In fact, when we go visit, they are busy looking around me to see where they are. The girls are upset if the Berners aren’t with me and even wonder why I came to visit if the Berners aren’t with me and wonder why I came to visit without them.

Gracie is the official guard dog and has taught Jack to bark and jump at the front door. After all this is over and the “intruder” has left the package, they are back to their docile, sweet selves. Gracie goes back to taking care of her stuffed Berner puppy named “baby” by laying on top of it or leaving it outside in the rain and Jack is sprawled in the kitchen on the cool tile floor. Gracie has also taught Jack one of her favorite thingsā€¦.. counter surfing. It has certainly taught me to keep the counters cleared!

We have become a family and I am so proud that these two wonderful, sweet dogs have adopted me.

Jeanette Reece
Houston (Kingwood), Texas

Gracie Louise BG #60778
Jumping Jack Flash BG #73331