Sibley - Boomer - White Lake, MI

Berner Garde # 64805 DOB 11-1-02 Age: 11

Boomer is a re-home from Bruce and Linda Whiteside
(www.michigan )

Boomer was 4 years old and was on his third home when we met him. Things weren’t looking good for the big beautiful boy with many “quirks” about him. I had talked to Bruce several times about adopting him, before we finally said yes. Boomer was a handful, but with hard work, training and behavior modification, he turned out to be a lovable, sweet boy.

His passion is hanging out with my husband Bob. Be it in the garage, watching TV, or going for a ride, they are inseparable. As “birds of a feather flock together”, Boomer has picked up many of Bob’s traits in his veteran state such as: Don’t bother me when I’m sleeping, I’ll eat when I’m hungry and drink when I’m dry, schedules are for poodles, and no, I’m not going to be turned into a “Clown dog” that does tricks on command.

Boomer received his Therapy Dog International certificate a few years ago after passing the temperament testing. His favorite therapy is hanging out at the car shows, letting adults pet him and children hug him. One of my favorite memories of all time took place at a classic car show event at the local VFW. A disabled veteran in a wheelchair and his caregiver pushing him came over to Boomer as Boomer was collecting pets. As the chair approached us, I moved Boomer closer to accept a pet. I had no idea that the man had no use of his arms, but Boomer sensed it immediately, he didn’t wait for the usual hand pat on the head, this time he moved very close to the man and laid his head on the man’s lap. The veteran and his caregiver both had huge smiles on their faces.

This past November Boomer celebrated his 11th birthday. He’s having a few aches and pains as can be expected but is just as sweet as can be. He never passes on a chance to go on a car ride.

Kathy and Bob Sibley
White Lake, Michigan