Smith - Edelweiss - Colorado Springs, CO

Berner Garde # 49494
Date of birth: 1-16-2001

In case you don’t already know me, my name is Edelweiss and I’m a very special Bernese Mountain Dog! My family thinks I’m the greatest and I’m so lucky to have picked them!

I am a B.A.R.C. baby which stands for Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition. I was born in Hungary. I found my forever home in June 2001.

My Mom was very patient with me even when I chewed up her favorite pink sandals. Together we started obedience training and having never done this before it was very interesting! We achieved a very close bond by going to every class that was offered. My first class was difficult. I think Mom wanted to give up on me but I was surprised just how determined she was! I earned my Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate first and I thought Mom would bust a gut! She has never trained a dog before either! One day during one of our favorite Rally classes a fellow student told Mom that we should enter competition. We did and I earned a Rally Novice (RN) title and got at least a 1st and 2nd place finish! We were so excited and wanted to do more. Then came my Rally Advanced (RA) title. More great fun! Mom even took me to some nursing homes to show off my stuff along with some of my agility moves. I loved the attention from all the people who lived there. During my competitions in Rally Advanced that I noticed I no longer had my leash on and the outdoors was just waiting to be discovered!! After doing my competition it was fun to run out of the ring! I also began to notice that my hips hurt just a bit during the jumps. Mom decided to retire me (what ever that means) and let me take it easy.

In 2004 I attended the Bernese Mountain Dog Nationals in Mesquite, TX to be in their Rescue Parade. It was fun and I got all kinds of toys! Mom noticed I was most likely the fattest Berner there and promptly put me on a diet which to this day I’m still on. I’ve shed about 25 lbs and my hips feel better. They say I am a food driven dog - NO LIE! I’ve also taken a trip across the country to see family in North Carolina.

I’ve had a long, good life. Yes I’ve got health issues, but Mom keeps me as comfortable as possible.

A special thanks from Mom and I to Sharon Montville to whom we owe everything. Our journey would never have gotten started without Sharon. She told me about BARC and then we met Amy Kessler. Amy was so helpful matching us up and life has been great.

Love - Edelweiss and Gail Smith
Colorado Springs, CO