Smith - Musetta - Centennial, CO

Musetta, BG# 93642, came into our family in January, 2013, with a phone call from the BMDCR Rescue. She had been found by Animal Control earlier that month wandering on a golf course; very underweight, with a coat full of burrs and without any identification. A search for her owners had been unsuccessful and four days later we drove to the north end of the Denver metro area to meet her.

As long time Berner owners and breeders, we were not sure what to expect. As it turned out, this lovely 1-1/2 yr. old girl came to us as a dog that was fearful of being touched or hugged. She was also terrified of having anything attached to her collar! This was in spite of the fact that she had been beautifully obedience trained to work on hand signals. Our best guess is that she had experienced some traumatic event that made her fearful.

Our eight-year-old boy Berner, Rudi, immediately showed Musetta that our house is an OK place and we are “OK Berner people”. With lots of love from family members and a wonderful in-home dog trainer, Musetta has now progressed to the point where she loves tummy rubs, ear scratches, hugs and kisses.

Throughout the summer, Musetta enjoyed daily walks in the neighborhood park; although she was not too enthusiastic about meeting other dogs along the way. On her neighborhood walks, she has learned which neighbors give her treats and always looks longingly at those homes to see if anyone is ready to give her a “cookie”(supplied by us).

She is a wonderful car rider and has joined us on numerous hikes in the Colorado Mountains along with a “repeat” obedience class when she was the star student on graduation night; doing her entire obedience routine flawlessly; with hand signals.

Since we are enjoying our retirement years, we have been able to devote time and attention to our lovely girl and we treasure every day with her.

Leland and Jean Smith
Centennial, Colorado