Rescue Gallery - General Info

Bernese Mountain Dogs are rescued from puppy mills, brokers, abandonment, and other bad situations. The dogs have been rescued by regional clubs, private groups, from on-line sites, and by individuals.  Every year at the BMDCA national specialty, there are several honor parades — Veterans, Titleholders, and Rescue. There are so many events at the specialty that there is no longer time for all the parades.

Rescue Dogs have been showcased in the Rescue Gallery since 2006.


The owners have been identified by pins showing a Berner holding a star   with their dog’s name. The dogs have had various yellow bandanas or collar covers.

All the dogs in the Rescue Gallery are entered in Berner-Garde. See Please use the example these rescue owners have set to enter your own dogs into Berner-Garde and help reduce genetic disease in our cherished dogs.

The Rescue Gallery is not intended to list every rescue dog or even those rescued this year. Unfortunately there are many more. This is just one way for the families to celebrate their precious dogs.

Thanks to Ann Milligan and Hugh Hayes for all their technical help with this project.

Please welcome these families and their dogs.

Please note (to find a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog) - The Rescue Gallery is a way that families can celebrate dogs that have been rescued. It is not a source if you are looking for a potential rescue dog.

Go to and click on Rescue to contact the national BMDCA Rescue & Rehome Coordinator.  Also click on regional clubs and get involved in activities in the club in your area. Most regional clubs have rescue programs. Also you can contact rescue groups such as Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc. at  Another good source of information is

Nell Ward
New Bern, NC
cell 252-671-6687